The Austackle Spritz Surface Lure! 

  • Straight-through, one piece internal wire
  • Upgraded VMC hooks and rings
  • Keeled to enhance a walk the dog action
  • Large cute-away pockets on the face to spray water in high volumes to stir up predators
  • Dual tow points gives the angler ultimate control over the lure action! 4 lures in 1!

Keeled to enhance a walk-the dog action. Large cut-away pockets on the face of the lure effectively sprays water in high volumes, triggering a response from surface feeding predator. Weighted to make bullet casts and achieve massive distances when making searching casts over flats and open water. 

When using the lower point:

  • Use a sharp, stabbing rod action to generate a resounding "Pop" and massive spray of water with major left/right Dog-Walking action! The keel helps to dramatically pivot the lure and create extra splash.
  • Use a more subtle rhythmical rod twitch with pauses inbetween to create a gentle Walk the Dog action. 
  • Keep the rod tip up and use rod twitches with a faster retrieve to make the lure skip across the surface like a skipping baitfish. The keel helps maintain direction, and throw water spray.  

When using top tow point:

  • Creates a booming "POP" and cause the lure to dive as it splashes, targeting both surface and sub-surface water.

Deadly on Murray Cod, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Kingfish, Trevally, Tailor and more!

Length: 93mm
Weight: 13g


Brand Austackle

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