The Squid Trolling Lure has a classic squid profile and is designed to be trolled or cast. Fitted with long silicone tentacles and flashing ribbons feelers, they swim with a tight action at all speeds and mimic the fast movements of squid. Built with heavy duty ABS, a through-wire design and tough treble hooks.

Additional Features

  • Fitted with long silicon tentacles
  • Reinforced ABS construction
  • Ultrasonically welded and tank tested for leakage
  • Fitted with two high quailty treble 
  • Available in 6 squid imitating colours

Features include dazzling finishes, a fixed weight for balanced swimming action at speed and a lively skirt and tentacles for added attraction and strike triggers.

The squid bait is rigged with genuine high quailty treble hooks and features reinforced ABS construction.


Barcode # 9357183018614
Brand Afishlure