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So you’ve set the date, picked the perfect company and are about to head to your favourite fishing spot to catch some flatheads! Make sure there is nothing that can disturb your fun day on the waters with our extensive selection of top-notch flathead lures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on whether you are fishing in the shallow waters or going deeper. Surface lures are great for catching flatheads that live in the shallower parts of the water. Heavier models that go deeper are great for other situations and especially the lures look lively - flatheads tend to lie on the sand at the water source’s bottom and wait for the action to then actively catch their prey. Vibe lures and soft and hard plastics are also great lures for flatheads as they mimic the real creatures that flatheads feed off of and are good at catching your flatheads’ attention.

2-3 days prior to the period of the full moon and a couple of days after is commonly believed to be the best time to fish for flatheads. 7-9 am is considered to be a good time for fishing flathead as the fish movement is affected by high tide.

Season-wise, there is no closed season for flathead, but the peak seasons are April to May and September to October.

Flathead prefer rivers, lakes and the ocean that have structure at the bottom like weed beds, rock beds and even laying in the sand flats, which makes it easier for them to hide and wait for their prey. Where you can find flatheads near your location depends on what kind of flathead fish exactly you are after and whether you have the needed water source nearby. Even though flatheads are quite common in Australia, different types of flathead fish are spread across Victoria - they can be found in Port Phillip, Western Port, Gippsland Lakes and numerous other fishing spots.

Whether you need a sinker with your lures depends on the particular spot where you have decided to fish for flatheads. If your flathead fish is the type that prefers deep waters, you might want to have a sinker in addition to your lure, but if it is a shallow water-loving flathead fish, you do not really need a sinker. When choosing the combo that works for you, make sure that the way the lure sinks into the water still remains natural, so that it catches the flathead’s attention.