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Is there an activity more freeing and rejuvenating than hitting the waters on your boat to go chase some Bream. When choosing the perfect day, the perfect spot and the perfect company, it is important to make sure you have a set of perfect fishing equipment as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While it might seem that fishing is about coincidence and experience, you can actually make the odds work for you. To catch a bream you need to know where it usually lives and get the right fishing equipment for that.

Bream are known for inhabiting rivers and wharves that have some structure like oysters covered rocks, fallen tree, algae etc. You need to find a good fishing spot that allows you access to that kind of water source.

As for the tools, we provide a wide variety of fishing equipment that will help you be prepared for different weather conditions, water resource types and other external factors. Turn your casting into a catch with us!

It is commonly believed that the best season to catch the bream is from spring to early summer, while the best time to catch the bream is late afternoon and early morning. Many people also suggest catching bream in the periods of the month when the moon is full.

Breams have small mouths and a set of sharp teeth that can easily rip the bite off your hook, therefore it is good to have small neat lures, like, for example, soft plastics. Sea bream do take lures just like the bream that live in rivers, ponds and lakes.

Bream fish usually prefer swimming within the 12-25 foot range, but it is hard to predict how deep one should fish for bream, as bream do not follow that approximated depth strictly. They can find a better, more shallow spot full of oxygen and nutrients and easily move there.