To the following species, BEWARE! Tuna, Snapper, Queenfish, Bonito, Kingfish, Nannies, Trevally and more!

The Squiggy slow-pitch jig is a center-weighted, keeled jig designed to flutter, dart, spiral, vibrate, or glide as it falls on a fully slack line. With a slight bit of resistance, like that applied with the thumb as the jig makes its initial descent, the jig will fall straight down, with its nose pointed toward the surface. Ideal for everything from snapper and kingfish through to coral trout, nannygai and emporer on the reef.

Squiggy Lead Jig is the classic pointed oval shape, ideal for almost all jigging styles. From fast and erratic for mid-water dwelling species like Kingfish. To a more slow and methodical slow-pitch style of jigging for bottom species such as snapper. 


Barcode # 9357193001705
Brand Afishlure