Equipped with each magnetic tungsten ball Patent Dual, it combines the advantages of a fixed center of gravity (which can provide high action response and stable swimming performance) and the movemnt of the center of gravity, which can ensure a downturned flight distance and throwing accuracy, and has an UP magnetic force of 20%. 

With "New Fricition Lip", the lip part and body are completely seperated by struts. This kind of lip has a slight resistance, allowing excess water to overflow, thereby achieving "fast diving Performance and "amazing underwater mobility.

The Black Nickle treble hooks in icluded are a black metaliic luster, high hardness which can increasde abrasion resistance of the hook. Black Nickle has the effect of concealing fish hooks, and has strong resitance to salt corrosion. It can be used in both fresh and salt water environments.


Brand Afishlure