The bean sinker is a casting sinker, due to the elongated aerodynamic bean shape. The bean shape also provides the Bean Sinker higher bottom-holding attributes than the generic ball sinker. Due to this fact, the bean sinkers are almost always more effective than the ball sinkers in conditions where you want your bait to hold a little longer. For example; in rough weather or harsh fishing ground, the bean sinkers provide better stability and effectiveness.

Bean sinkers are designed to let your bait move freely. They have a hole through the middle of the sinker for your main line to be run through, allowing more flexibility. They can also be run direct to a hook, or placed above a swivel and leader. Bean sinkers have better bottom-holding characteristics than ball sinkers, due to the bean's flat sides.

Size Weights:

2 - 20gm / 3 - 30gm / 4 - 40gm / 5 - 50gm 



Barcode # 9357193001910
Brand Fin Tackle