Crank baits have been the favourites for anglers across the country for over 25 years. Their precise balance and perfect buoyancy deliver straight running, highly responsive, extra enticing performance.

FITTED WITH A SHORT BILL: Helps to reach depth quicker and deflects from the hard cover creating a slight pause and a directional change that will trigger instinctive strikes

3D NATURE SIMULATE EYES: Fishing body with 3D simulate eyes makes the lure look alive, and the big bass will find the lure easier

HIGH STRENGTH DOUBLE HOOK: Rigged with double super sharp rust-proof treble hooks, high durability and flexibility

COLOUR: Effective colours of lures to entice fish to life like coloured lure


Length: 3cm - 30mm

Weight: 2g

Quantity: 1pc/pack

Features: Eco-friendly and harmless: high quality plastic is non-toxic to the target fish. Different colors will be better to imitate the natural reflection of a panicked baitfish to attract the target fish. Easy to use: easy to attach with qualitity hooks that have been tested and proven Multiple color selection: you could choose the proper color and size of the lures according to different fish species.


Brand Afishlure