These seemingly simple lures are built to catch fish. With a pre rigged feathered jig assist hook set on the nose followed but a feathered treble at the back they’re incredibly versatile with a long list of species willing to take them. They’re also versatile when it comes to techniques and retrieves and territory where they’re fished. And finally, they’re bullet proof! As an “all-rounder” the good old metal lure ticks a few boxes and they’re here to stay.

As mentioned, metal casting lures attract many different species. Down south they’re dynamite on fish like tailor, salmon, kings, bonito, tuna and more. Further north, all sorts of predatory species will eat a metal lure. Mackerel, tunas, trevallies and a host of species all find them irresistible.

It’s not just saltwater fish that find metals hard to refuse. In the fresh, trout, redfin and most natives will walk a well-presented metal casting lure. They really are the lure for all species.

  • Casting Performance - The lure has solid construction, offer effortless maximum casting distance. Ideal for casting and jigging present action in both saltwater and freshwater.
  • Good Performance - Slim profile generates erratic action when jigged and ripped through the water, 3D lifelike eyes, entice fish to strike and the feathered treble hook seal the deal.
  • Application - With rust resistance coating, this lure ideal for saltwater and freshwater. Catch Tuna, Queenies, Mackerel, Trout, Bass and other fish species.



Barcode # 9357183018515