Everyone needs a nice paddle tail minnow in their arsenal, and the T Attack 2" Minnow is a great one to have. The Minnow series incorporates a segmented body that we calls the 'slim waist' design, which effectively allows the tail to move more freely and thanks to the elastomer material, the durability of the bait is a non-concern.

A paddle tail is connected to a thin tail wrist which delivers an insanely high-pitch vibration, which attracts predatory fish from long distances. The soft nature of Elastomax also means the 2" Minnow is capable of fishing on very light jigheads, still maintaining an enticing swimming action whilst sinking even when rigged on lightweight heads around 1/16oz.

All white based colours are luminescent. 


Barcode # 9935719300169
Brand Afishlure